25. October 2013
The JOBmania Tour, organized by the Public Employment Service Austria (AMS), consists of local events and fairs in order to address as many young people as possible, and to make them aware of the wide range of AMS services for youth. This year Traktionssysteme Austria participated in the JOBmania Schools and Carreer Fair in Wiener Neustadt (Lower Austria) for the purpose of increasing its brand awareness regarding the company‘s search for young talents.
07. October 2013
TRANSMASHHOLDING, Russia`s largest manufacturer of rolling
stock, and its subsidiary METROVAGONMASH submitted a
purchase order at Traktionssysteme Austria for the development
and manufacturing of new traction motors.
07. October 2013
NEWAG S.A. and Traktionssysteme Austria took certain steps at the TRAKO International Railway Fair 2013 in Gdańsk in order to strenghten and continue their good and fruitful cooperation.
07. October 2013
For the first time PESA Bydgoszcz SA has decided to order motors by Traktionssysteme Austria for one of its tramway projects. The new type ‚JAZZ‘, a 100% low floor tram by PESA, has an innovative bogie concept which can be perfectly equipped with TSA motors.
01. October 2013
Our new motor manufacturing plant in Hyderabad (India) which was completed recently is now ready for operation and can start the manufacturing of electric traction motors.
29. August 2013
Helsinki ?s internationally renowned metro operator HKL placed an order at CAF Spain for 20 new metro trains. The propulsion systems have to meet stringent technical requirements as demanded by the operator.
21. May 2013
The Russian UKVZ group submitted a purchase order for the delivery of traction motors by Traktionssysteme Austria (TSA) for two different types of vehicles.
14. May 2013
Traktionssysteme Austria´s traction motors will be subject to a tough practical test in five new dieselelectrical push-pull trainsets
14. May 2013
As one of the partners of the Tremvia Santos Consortium, Vossloh España will supply 16 new Tramlink V4 low-floor trams to the Baixada Santista transport services of the city of Santos, Brazil.
08. May 2013
Following a prototype order for the new Istanbul Ula?im tramways in 2012, the first 64 traction motors for the first series were ordered recently.
08. May 2013
Stadler Rail engaged Traktionssysteme Austria to construct 80 traction motors for the new Flirt 3 vehicles to be delivered to the Polish operator Łódź Agglomeration Railway.
08. May 2013
Once again TSA will deliver traction drives for the new railcars of Hungarian State Railways MÁV as well as for railcars of Austrian-Hungarian rail operator GYSEV.
09. January 2013
TSA has secured a contract with MTU (Tognum Group) for the supply of traction generators related to diesel power-packs for the Super Express Fleet of the UK government’s Intercity Express Programme (known as the „IEP”).